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About us

Pete Steinau, founder and president of Peter Steinau & Associates, began the company in 2002, after more than 30 years of working in health care administration, physician recruiting, and practice development in the Chicago area. He recognized that valuable physician time and energy was being taken away from direct patient care and being consumed by office management issues, recruiting, financial management, and other non-clinical issues. While these are important components in the delivery of quality health care, an efficient practice should not allow such activities to draw valuable time and attention away from patient care.

The role of the company is to provide assistance to health care providers on an as-needed, project-by-project basis. Our clients range from small or solo practices without an administrator to larger organizations where we can assist an administration which does not have the available time, specific skills, or necessary professional relationships to effectively complete a specific project.

Pete is a partner in the Chicago Area Independent Recruiters Group.

Over the past several years the focus of the business has been
concentrated in three areas:

Assisting organizations in the recruitment of
Physicians and Mid Level providers.

Assisting the owners of medical practices in the sale of their
practices; from identifying potential buyers through providing
 support in the  transition  to new ownership.

Establishing fair market values of medical practices and equipment.

Pete Steinau holds a degree in philosophy from Shimer College and a Master's in Public Health from the University of Illinois. Through his work in physician relations, practice administration and professional recruiting he has developed strong skills in practice building, contract development and negotiation, marketing, recruitment and practice management.  

Pete has worked at Sinai Health System , Advocate, and Columbus Cabrini Health Systems, and continues to maintain positive relationships with a large number of physicians and medical groups. He has earned a solid reputation as an individual who is able to achieve results: a reputation built on integrity and effectiveness.

Constance Jopek Steinau, a Registered Nurse, holds a Masters in Social Work from the University of Chicago and a Masters in Health Law from Loyola University Law School. Connie has extensive experience in all aspects of health care, including medical social work, inpatient critical care, psychiatry, geriatric community care, and pediatric case management.

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